TinniCalm Tinnitus Treatment Ear Patch
TinniCalm Tinnitus Treatment Ear Patch
TinniCalm Tinnitus Treatment Ear Patch
TinniCalm Tinnitus Treatment Ear Patch
TinniCalm Tinnitus Treatment Ear Patch

TinniCalm Tinnitus Treatment Ear Patch

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Experience the tranquility you deserve


Experience the comforting relief of our  TinniCalm Tinnitus Treatment Ear Patch.

Discover TinniCalm Tinnitus Treatment Ear Patch: Your Key to Serene Silence

Experience the revolutionary solution designed to bring back tranquility and silence the persistent noise of tinnitus that disrupts your life.


TinniCalm Tinnitus Treatment Ear Patch is a cutting-edge product designed to alleviate tinnitus and associated ear discomfort. It utilizes a blend of natural ingredients and acupuncture principles to mitigate the symptoms of tinnitus, such as the perception of ringing, buzzing, or whistling sounds in the ears when there's no external sound source.


The patch is applied to the skin, usually positioned behind the ear. It employs a transdermal delivery system, allowing it to release its active ingredients gradually through the skin and into the bloodstream.


Main Ingredients that enhance the efficacy of patches:

Each patch's effectiveness can be attributed to its distinctive composition. Every patch includes a mixture of natural ingredients, including anti-inflammatory agents, pain relievers, and other scientifically proven active compounds that have shown their ability to alleviate tinnitus symptoms.


Dendrobium Nobile is a type of orchid found in Southeast Asia, and it has a rich history of use in traditional medicine. Researchers are currently exploring its potential for treating ear and tinnitus-related problems. Studies have shown that it possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which could be beneficial in reducing symptoms like ear pain, itching, and swelling.


Radix Cyathulae contains an amino acid called glycyrrhizin, which is renowned for its anti-inflammatory characteristics. This makes it valuable for managing ear and tinnitus infections, as well as diminishing ear swelling.


Fructus Viticis is well-known for its cooling properties within the body and its potential to boost blood circulation. Furthermore, it is believed to enhance hearing, enhance vision, and contribute to a longer lifespan. This herb has been a part of Chinese traditional medicine for many centuries, serving various purposes such as expectorant, diuretic, tonic, and sedative.

Eliminate the persistent ringing in your ears that disrupt your daily. Here's why TinniCalm Tinnitus Treatment Ear Patch is your best choice: 


Targeted Transdermal Delivery: The patch is specifically designed to be placed behind the ear, where the skin is thinner and blood vessels are closer to the surface. This location facilitates the effective absorption of the patch's active ingredients through the skin and into the bloodstream. These carefully chosen active ingredients have the potential to address the underlying factors contributing to tinnitus.

Active Ingredients: The patch contains a unique blend of ingredients that have undergone studies for their ability to enhance blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and support the health of nerves in the auditory system. These ingredients may aid in tackling the root causes of tinnitus and promoting overall ear health.

Non-Invasive and Safe: Our patches are gentle on the skin and do not involve any invasive procedures or medications. They can be used without concern about side effects or discomfort, making them suitable for individuals of all ages.

Improved Auditory Experience: Once applied, the patch offers continuous support, providing a consistent supply of active ingredients around the clock. This ongoing support is crucial for achieving the best possible results over time.

Waterproof & Sweat-Resistant: Don't let tinnitus limit your activities. Our patch is waterproof and resistant to sweat, ensuring uninterrupted relief even during water-related activities. 


Let’s see our satisfied customers who find relief after using TinniCalm Tinnitus Treatment Ear Patch 


"I can hardly find the words to describe the nightmare that tinnitus has subjected me to. However, ever since I incorporated this patch into my daily routine, I've undergone a remarkable transformation. In just a week, I woke up to the realization that the constant ringing had significantly reduced in intensity. This improvement has persisted to the extent that, at times, I completely forget about it. The first time I realized I had forgotten about it, it brought tears to my eyes.” – Jessica Marshall from Las Vegas, Nevada

As an avid swimmer, the continuous exposure to water was starting to take a toll on my ears. I tried various remedies, including earplugs and over-the-counter drops, but nothing seemed to work. That's when I came across these patches. Not only did they relieve my ear discomfort, but they also helped reduce the constant ringing that had been bothering me. I am truly grateful for discovering these. They are easy to use, convenient, and, most importantly, incredibly effective. Without a doubt, they have greatly enhanced my quality of life.” – Martin Davidson from Orlando, Florida

As a teacher, clear hearing is absolutely crucial in my profession. However, persistent tinnitus presented a significant challenge to my ability to concentrate and affected my job performance. That's why I decided to incorporate this patch into my routine. In just a few weeks, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my tinnitus symptoms. I can now fully focus on my teaching and my students without the constant distraction of tinnitus.” – Nicole Sanders from Anaheim, California

Quantity: 10 patches/box
Type: Ear Patch

Color: Brown

How to Use:

  1. Position the TinniCalm Tinnitus Treatment Ear Patch between the ear and neck area.
  2. Leave the patch in place for at least 8 hours.
  3. For optimal outcomes, it is recommended to attach the patch before bedtime.

Package Includes:  TinniCalm Tinnitus Treatment Ear Patch