Shoulder Curve Enhancing Patch
Shoulder Curve Enhancing Patch
Shoulder Curve Enhancing Patch
Shoulder Curve Enhancing Patch
Shoulder Curve Enhancing Patch
Shoulder Curve Enhancing Patch

Shoulder Curve Enhancing Patch

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Let us hear first from our satisfied customers!

"I had to deal with my male-like shoulders, and I hate it, I can’t wear what I want.  Then I saw this online and tried it, after 2 weeks of consistent use, I was satisfied with the results, I have now more feminine shoulders and it does not bother me anymore! I’m going to keep on using this patch!" – Alexa Martinez, New Orleans, USA

"I am amazed at how effective and fast this patch works! In less than 2 weeks I saw immediate results, Now, I have curves on my shoulders and it looks awesome! Thanks to this patch!" - Glenda Jacobs, Colorado, USA

Understanding Shoulder Slope

Having sloped shoulders can cause tension to develop in the back and sides of the neck. The resulting pain or discomfort may be more pronounced if you carry heavy packages while your arms are held straight down on each side. Sloped shoulders may be associated with a genetic condition or caused by lifestyle factors.

Overworking specific muscle groups in the shoulders may cause sloping. It may also be caused by prolonged weight from items held on the shoulders, such as heavy shoulder bags.

Powerful Key Ingredients that make this work

Helps the body produce more digestive enzymes, which speeds up fat burning mechanism, allowing it to burn excess fat easily. It also contains anti-oxidants and detoxifies the body of toxins that contribute to fat accumulation. These aid in the breakdown of fat cells.
is rich in anti-inflammatory substances that can easily ease discomfort, swelling, and pain.

How it works

Shoulder Curve Enhancing Patch lessen and enhance a large piece of muscle that covers the neck and shoulder at the back, this enables to shrink it slightly and through the moxibustion process, all fats and lumps in this area are effectively dissolved. This also relieves discomfort and develops traps that can give better posture and a well-angled shoulder line.

Let us hear more from Stacey's 4-week journey with Shoulder Curve Enhancing Patch

I got this slopped shoulder and having a hard time wearing a strapless shirt as you can see, it does not bode well

After 2 weeks of consistent use, I saw a significant change,  curves started to appear, and my shoulder humps are lessening.

4 weeks after using this patch, I got now a well-angled shoulder, I love what I'm seeing in the mirror!

Highlights & benefits

  • Enhances Shoulder's Curve
  • Moxibustion Effect
  • Relieves Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Breathable Non-woven Fabric
  • All-Natural Safe Ingredients

How to use

1. Clean the area & make sure it is dry
2. Apply the patch between the shoulder and neck area
3. Stick it for 2 hours ( Don't use overnight)


Main Ingredient: Wormwood, Ginger
Quantity: 12 pcs

Package Includes

Shoulder Curve Enhancing Patch