Collagen Essence Tightening Patch
Collagen Essence Tightening Patch
Collagen Essence Tightening Patch
Collagen Essence Tightening Patch
Collagen Essence Tightening Patch
Collagen Essence Tightening Patch
Collagen Essence Tightening Patch
Collagen Essence Tightening Patch
Collagen Essence Tightening Patch
Collagen Essence Tightening Patch
Collagen Essence Tightening Patch
Collagen Essence Tightening Patch

Collagen Essence Tightening Patch

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Collagen Essence Tightening Patch

After giving birth, my body underwent a drastic change, leaving me struggling with unwanted wrinkles, chafing, and dryness on my thighs. My husband gave me these patches as an alternative to surgery, and to my surprise, they worked! Initially, I felt my thigh skin becoming more moisturized, no longer chafing or reddening when I walked. After about three weeks, I noticed the tightening becoming noticeable, and within two months, my skin became flawless, tight, and wrinkle-free.”  -Solen, 45, Tel Aviv

I'm only thirty-five, but my body looks like someone who's forty-five! I don't want to go under the knife, and I don't have time to take a leave and book an appointment for surgery. Luckily, I don't have to spend a fortune or invest a lot of time to rejuvenate my thighs. I've noticed many benefits: my skin feels less dry and more moisturized. About a week later, my skin feels tighter, and after two months, wrinkles, cellulite, and sagging skin are practically gone!” Soyara, 35, El Paso

What causes wrinkles?


Wrinkles, a hallmark of aging, result from a decline in collagen fibers as we age. They commonly appear on the face, neck, hands, forearms, thighs, and buttocks. Free radicals, found in UV exposure and pollution, penetrate the skin and harm cells, contributing to wrinkles. Smoking and repetitive facial expressions also heighten the risk.

Slow skin cell production, thinning skin layers, and reduced collagen proteins contribute to wrinkles. Collagen, a vital skin protein, provides structure and elasticity akin to a rubber band. As cells age, protein production slows, hindering the skin's ability to bounce back to its original form, leading to wrinkles.

The Collagen Essence Tightening Patch contains collagen, a much needed protein for skin rejuvenation!

Collagen is the key component of Collagen Essence Tightening Patch! It's a natural protein present in the body and can be sourced from broths, animal products, veggies, fruits, and teas. While a collagen-rich diet helps fend off wrinkles, aging diminishes our body's collagen supply and absorption capacity, necessitating additional support!

That’s where the Collagen Essence Tightening Patch comes in and saves you from all skin woes!

Containing a concentrated and potent mixture of collagen, the Collagen Essence Tightening Patch can:

  • Increases skin hydration
  • Replenishes your body’s collagen supply
  • Tightens skin
  • Decreases the prominence and obviousness of: Cellulite, Wrinkles, Fine Lines
  • Naturally lits your skin without irritation, pain, or redness
  • Contains a gentle yet potent concentration of collagen that is safe for all skin types
  • Perfect to use once or twice a day
  • Safe to use daily
  • Contains a firm and strong adhesion and a pain-free removal

Other ingredients of the Collagen Essence Tightening Patch area:

Elastin. This is a naturally occurring protein that is produced by our body. It is a stretchy protein that helps certain structures of your body expand and snap back into place such as your lungs, large blood vessels, skin, ears, and cartilage. Though both Elastin and Collagen are important proteins, they are far from different; Elastin provides stretchiness to your body while Collagen maintains the skin’s structure and strength.

Vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide (Nicotinamide) is a natural skin-brightening agent by suppressing the production of melanin cells. Vitamin B3 is effective against combatting pigmentation issues such as clearing scars, treating sunburn, sun spots, and other discoloration issues. Vitamin B3 can also help combat the development and proliferation of acne and rosacea.

Anetta is a 45-year-old bank executive who wants to look forever young. She wanted to look nice for her husband on their upcoming wedding anniversary and used the Collagen Essence Tightening Patch to make her look and feel young again

Before Use

”I’ve been happily married for over two decades now and I love my husband. I bought the Collagen Essence Tightening Patch to make me look young again and remove all those sagging skin I’ve had over the years without going under the knife.”

After Use

“Wow! Not only do my thighs look younger and sexier, they also feel firmer! At first, it started with hydrating my skin but not to the point where it’s super oily but moisturized enough where my legs don’t painfully rub against each other. Within just a  few weeks of use, I noticed that my skin has started to become firmer and also with that, it looked like my thighs became thinner. In about 3 weeks of use, my thighs are flawless! I love the improvement with my appearance and so did my husband!”

How to Use

  • Wash and dry your skin with warm soap and water.
  • Take a patch 
  • Remove the protective film
  • Place a patch on your skin
  • Do not use the patch over infected, injured, healing, and open wounds/skin.


Ingredients: Collagen, Elastin, Vitamin B3

Number of Patches Per Box: 10 Patches/Pieces

Target Audience: Women, Men

Target Age: Teens, Adults

Applicable Body Parts: Lower Body, Buttocks, Thighs

Effects: Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Cellulite, Hydrating, Moisturizing, Skin Lifting

Package Includes

1 Collagen Essence Tightening Patch (10 pcs) 


How long should I leave the Collagen Essence Tightening Patch on my skin?
Answer: For best results, it is recommended to leave the patch on the skin for 15-30 minutes, preferably before bedtime.

Does the patch contain potential allergens?
Answer: The patch does not contain any known allergens, making it suitable for all skin types. However, please ensure that the skin area where the patch is applied is clean, dry, and free from any open wounds.